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Auction Your Possessions Today

We auction items of value, donate items we can not sell profitably, and dispose of the rest

Bidding with AypToday

To ensure a smooth and efficient pick-up process, please adhere to the following instructions. Make sure that your invoice is paid before you arrive. Pick-ups are limited to the scheduled dates mentioned on individual invoices or live auctions. As we’re making space for new arrivals, items not retrieved within 30 days from the auction’s close will be resold or donated (unless you’re a mini-storage customer). Thanks for helping us clear the way by picking up your items on the pick-up day. For sizable or fragile items, make sure you have the appropriate vehicle and packing materials. Our pick-up location is at 430 E. Warrington Ave 15210. Our phone number is 412-204-7493. If any questions arise or further information is needed, please reach out. We truly appreciate your business.